Law Enforcement Bicycle Ride to DC
Charlotte to Washington DC  
May 9-13, 2013

Meet the Riders

You might ask "Why would anyone ride a bicycle 500 miles?"

It's a long way and the course is a difficult one. For the answer to this question here are some of our officers, explaining Why We Ride

Sergeant Michael S. Carothers, Kannapolis PD: I have been with the Kannapolis Police Department for 25 years. On December 31, 1993 a co-worker and close personal friend, Officer Roger Dale Carter, was ambushed by an assailant with a fully automatic rifle. Officer Carter died as a result of his injuries. My first trip to the National Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial in Washington was to escort Officer Carter’s family to the Memorial Service. I “Ride the Thin Blue Line” so that nobody forgets Roger and other officers like him.

Lieutenant Jacquelyn Hulsey, CMPD: This will be my first Bike to D.C. ride. I anticipate this will be a challenge unlike any other I have ever experienced. I am a member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Honor Guard and chose to participate in this ride as another way to honor and raise awareness for those who have died in the Line of Duty. I know I will be humbled by the spirit of camaraderie and sense of purpose the riders will share as we embark on this challenge together.

Officer Jared Porter, CMPD: I ride for the Thin Blue Line to build camaraderie among fellow officers while remembering those who gave everything for the Thin Blue Line. Riding 500 miles is not a solo feat but a team effort to get everyone across the line and into DC during Police Week.

Officer Martha Roman, CMPD: I sacrifice my body, enduring the temporary pain of the miles, in memory of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice – their lives.
Never forgotten.

Detective Mark Smith, CMPD : Ever since I was a kid I have loved to ride a bike. There is something special about seeing the great country we live in and feeling the wind hit you in the face as you ride. On the ride to DC it will be physically and mentally challenging to spend that many hours in the saddle and to pedal 500 miles in just four days! I feel that this grueling ride is no comparison to our brothers and sisters who have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. As a group, we also send a message to the families that our fallen comrades and their families will never be forgotten.

Officer Seth Greene, CMPD : I ride for the Thin Blue Line as a tribute to the officers who gave their lives while serving our department and protecting our city. This ride symbolizes the solidarity of our profession and the commitment we have to honoring the memory of those who are no longer here. Most importantly, I hope that this ride brings pride, inspiration, and comfort to the family and friends of the fallen officers to whom this ride is dedicated.

Sergeant William Irby, CMPD: I ride to honor those Officers that have given the ultimate sacrifice and to show the community and the families that we are strong and we will never forget. This ride is special because it allows us to surround ourselves with a team of other police offiers from other agencies. We ride together for one goal. The opportunity to get out and ride 500 miles with your friends and colleagues into DC during Police Week is a memory that will last forever.

Rachel Diamond, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement: This will be the longest ride of my life so far and I can’t think of a better cause to do it for. Living in DC, it is special to me that the destination is my hometown. I am riding for the Thin Blue Line to honor fallen ICE officers and officers from all law enforcement agencies. This is the best way I can think of to show my admiration and appreciation for what they do each and every day.

First Sergeant Ron Elkins, NCSHP: 2013 will be my third trip and I am really looking forward to the journey. Despite the pain, I had an awesome time last year! I am riding for all the Troopers and Officers of this great state who have made the ultimate sacrifice. How many times in your life can you say you had an opportunity to accomplish something like this for such a worthy cause?

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