Law Enforcement Bicycle Ride to DC
Charlotte to Washington DC  
May 9-13, 2020

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We encourage citizens and cyclists from Law Enforcement agencies to join us along the route. For example, it would be wonderful to leave CMPD HQ with a couple of hundred riders showing their support for our Law Enforcement community. We will be fully escorted (police officers blocking all traffic) from the start for the first 15 miles. If you ride out with us for those first 15 miles you'll need to arrange for transportation back downtown.

Cyclists from Law Enforcement agencies are welcome to join us for any or all of the ride. If you can just join us for a few miles as we ride through your jurisdiction, that would be great. If you wish to ride for multiple days (or the whole trip) please contact us.

VIP Rider Program

We are especially grateful for the support of those citizens who are not a part of a law enforcement agency. Participation in the ride by non-Law Enforcement riders is welcome during any of the days of the ride; however, if you wish to ride more than just a few miles in a section of the ride we have a VIP program for non-law enforcement riders that allows you to ride the full first day with transportation back to Charlotte or to ride the full ride to DC with lodging and transportation provided - in exchange for your financial support of Bike to DC. Click here for all the details.

Disclaimer: This is not an easy ride The are lots of hills on the course and springtime weather is likely to bring hot or cold, heavy rain or dry air, headwinds or tailwinds - we've seen it all the last nine years.

Even for "hard-core" cyclists it's pretty early in the year to be riding four consecutive centuries for a total of FIVE HUNDRED miles. This ride is not just about covering all those miles, but you need to be able to maintain at least 15-16 mph while being comfortable riding in a group. We'll have training rides between now and May to get you ready.

If you've read this far and are still interested, then here is what is required of you to ride with us:

  • You must have a road bike. Sorry, but this course is simply too hilly and tough to ride on a mountain bike.
  • You must wear a CPSC standard approved bicycle helmet at all times and the helmet must be in good condition.

    In addition to riders, we need support personnel. People who can drive the SAG vehicles, wait at intersections to make sure the cyclists don't miss a turn, make sandwiches, take pictures, all the things we have to do to keep our riders on the road safely. We found out that support personnel on motorcycles are especially helpful, so if your two wheels have a motor come on and join us!

    Whether you are riding or providing support, the following applies to all riders affiliated with Law Enforcement on the ride:

  • You will be responsible for your share of the expenses of the ride We estimate that share to be a minimum of $600.

Still have questions or ready to sign up? Call Officer Katie Anderson on 980.275.0852 or click here to email at

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