Bike 2 DC - Ride To Honor
Charlotte to Washington DC  
May 9-14, 2022










Charlotte, NC to Washington, DC in 4 Days! A Fully Supported Ride

  • Start / Finish - CMPD Headquarters, 601 E. Trade STreet, Charlotte, NC
  • Pre-Ride Ceremony - 8:00am. All riders begin as soon as the ceremony ends. The start includes a full escort by CMPD.

  • MONDAY, MAY 9th: Charlotte to Asheboro, NC - 90-Miles
    Day 1 riders, and their bicycles, will be transported back to Charlotte. Day Bags/Gear Bags can be dropped off at the start, ready for you when you arrive in Asheboro later that day.

  • TUESDAY, MAY 10th: Asheboro, NC to South Boston, VA - 100-Miles
    Enjoy the beautiful rural surroundings as we make our way out of NC, finishing the day in South Boston, VA.

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 11th: South Boston, VA to Glen Allen, VA - 138-Miles
    Day 3 gets us a little closer to DC, finishing up in Glen Allen, VA. Time to rest up and get ready for our final day of riding.

  • THURSDAY, MAY 12th: Glen Allen, VA to Arlington, VA - 136-Miles Today is the final day of riding. Remembering the fallen heroes we ride for along the way, we roll into Arlington, VA, and celebrate the journey.

  • DAYS 5 & 6: FRIDAY, MAY 13th, and SATURDAY, MAY 14th Washington, DC. Friday evening, we will attend the National Candlelight Vigil held at the National Mall in Washington. Then, on Saturday the 14th, we will load up and make our way back to Charlotte on a chartered bus, reflecting over the week's accomplishments and celebrating the lives and memories of the fallen officers we honor with this ride.

  • REST STOPS & SUPPORT: Riders enjoy a fully supported ride each day, including planned rest stops, a lunch stop, and SAG support. Rest stops include snacks, fruit, water, and sports drinks, as well as a place to put your feet down for a minute and rest. Routes will include police escorts whenever possible.

  • REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: All riders should have a bicycle designed for long distance road riding. The bicycle should be in good working order. All riders should carry emergency contact information and ID at all times during a ride. All riders are required to wear an approved cycling helmet at all times when riding a bicycle.

Cyclists From Law Enforcement Agencies Welcomed

Can't join us for the full ride? No Worries. We welcome all law enforcement officers to join us for a few miles as we ride through your jurisdiction. If you can join us, just let us know by emailing our ride director, Katie Anderson, at


Bike 2 DC - Ride To Honor is a challenging ride for any cyclist. The routes include significant elevation gains each day. Springtime weather is likely to bring hot or cold, heavy rain or dry air, headwinds or tailwinds - we've seen it all over the years.

Even for "hard-core" cyclists, 500-miles over 4 days is not easy. But it's not just about covering the miles. You should be able to maintain at least 15-16 mph while being comfortable riding in a group.